Combi Boiler Maintenance

Boilers are a necessary to use in every building for both homes and businesses. They provide central heating and hot water throughout the entire area and without them we would be freezing through the winter or relying on our old fireplace to keep us warm. These are expensive units – but with the proper maintenance they can last you for many years.

The maintenance will begin before you have even fully installed the unit. It is important to remember that these types of boilers cannot be installed in every type of home. You must conduct a heating study that will help you to understand what type of combi boiler you can use or whether or not your home is too big for one. If it does not meet the building regulations than you will waste money trying to install it.

It is important to know that when you use this unit the exhaust gases coming from the flue will be a great deal heavier because they will not be as hot. When they condense you will notice a plume. The output gases will cause moisture to build up near outlets and other areas surrounding the unit. This can cause major problems so make sure you do what you can to control it.

The flue that is used for these units is different compared to a traditional boiler. Before you install it you need to change it out with something that is compatible with it. It is impossible to share a condensing gas fired flue with any other unit that is non condensing gas.

You must create a decent drain that will be able to catch the condensation running from the boiler as it heats up. You can ask a contractor to do this as he installs him. This might cost a bit more – but it will save you many problems in the future.