Combi Gas Boilers

A combi gas boiler works by pumping natural gas into the home. The amount that is used will be monitored closely by the local utility department in the area. Unlike with oil boilers you do not have to schedule any delivery to your home or wonder if you will run out from short supply during the extremely cold months.

The amount of money that you will spend on natural gas will vary depending on when it is available. One of the biggest factors that will influence the price is the efficiency of the unit. The right type of insulation and having energy efficient windows in the home will keep the boiler from having to run at high temperatures throughout the day to keep it warm.

BMS Gas Boiler

This combi gas boiler has an efficiency rating of 87%. This is made by heating experts who have combined gas fuel with a hot water system. It is designed with a direct vent and sealed combustion AXIA and BMS combi and can be mounted to either the floor or wall. It is built with the latest hydronic heating technology that will push the ratings from 50,000 BTU/HR to 160,000 BTU/HR.

This lightweight design is compact, quiet, and dependable. They require less space than most when being installed and they look great to have in the open home. The copper tube heat exchanger is manufactured using their new patented design and has been made with low hydraulic resistance and generate an additional amount of heat transfer. This costs around $2,500.

Prestige Gas Boiler

The Prestige gas boiler is designed to be a professional heating unit for homeowners and that works both efficiently and economically. It is designed with a stainless steel heat exchanger that has been sealed combustion that can be mounted to the wall. All of this gives it a rating efficiency of 95%.

It is capable of modulating a fire rate of 25% with an input of 110,000 BTU every hour. With this rating it has fewer cycles and requires lower operating costs than most. This is ideal for smaller zones with short cycling. It also has a self cleaning and descaling that will remove the combustion residue from inside and reduce the cost of maintenance. It costs around $4,500.