Common Problems With Combi Boilers

Combination boilers will supply homes with on demand hot water and heating that is evenly distributed. They are well known for helping people to save both money and energy and can be installed in nearly any part of the home without taking up large amounts of space. Like with anything that you use in your home there are certain problems that can occur and that you must be aware so you can repair them.


When you are installing a unit you need to know the best way to set the temperature and what the right setting will be. For those who are not familiar with the boiler they might find it complicated to begin with. However, it is important that the contractor show you what to do so that you can adjust it later on when needed.

Water Scale

Most combi boilers will scale up over a few years of use. Scaling is a type of coating that builds up on the surface of the unit when large amounts of water have come into contact with it. All of these deposits will block the piping inside and can hinder the performance of the machine. You can purchase special equipment that will remove the scaling. This should be done every two years.

Water Pressure

The water pressure that is on the sprinklers – which are linked to the boiler might drop at certain times. During the summer people will use the water system on the machine to water the grass. When you do this it will increase the need for water and this can stress out the system. Too much of this can shut the system down.

Exhaust Gases

When the temperature of the gases contained in the flue exhaust decrease a plume might come about from the condensation. All of these gases when they are in the liquid form will create a wet area that is close to the outlet and can spread through the home and even into the surrounding properties. This can be a very harmful problem.