How To Set The Temperature

It is important to learn how to maintain the boiler in your home. Doing this every few months will help you to become familiar with how it works and will prevent problems from occurring due to build up of dirt or rust. One thing that you should become familiar with and learn how to operate is the temperature setting.

Hot Water Temperature Settings

First you need to turn the hot water faucet on and allow it to run till it has reached the hottest temperature. Fill up half a glass and turn the faucet off. Place a cooking thermostat in the water and wait for the reading to show up.

Locate the thermostat controller for the hot water and see what temperature it is at. The dial is usually on the side of the unit or on the wall inside the home. Turn it down to the temperature that it should be at. Make sure you do not go below 130 degrees. The temperature will take thirty minutes to adjust. After that time you can test the water again.

Gas Temperature Settings

On a gas boiler you need to open the panel to the aquastat – which is located on the surface of the boiler. You will be looking for a knob that is used to control the high limit controller and use it to set it to the highest temperature that you want the water to be. The highest setting for the differential is around 190 degrees. When the water temperature is at the assigned setting the burner will automatically turn itself off.

When this is done you need to set the low limit knob to the lowest setting. This will cause the burner to reignite and to heat the water. The setting is best set at 180 degrees. The differential controller can be set by using a screwdriver.

The differential should be between five to thirty degrees. The most common temperature that it is kept at is fifteen. This is what the system will allow before the hot or cold water is circulated.