What Is A Combi Boiler

A combi boiler – also known as a combination boiler – is a specific kind of condensing boiler that is powered by gas or oil. It functions by generating hot water through the tap and central heating around the home from a single unit. This is one of the more popular types of boilers because it is cheaper to use.

Rather than spending money on your electric bill each month for two separate units – you can spend a lower amount on a single unit that does the job of two. As great as these units are they cannot be used in every type of home. In order to understand what the unit is and whether or not it can be used in your home you must first understand exactly how it functions.

A traditional boiler will hold the heated water inside of a copper cylinder that is in the airing cupboard. This is what provides the home with hot water. Inside of a combi boiler there is no need for hot water storage. This helps to save on space and to reduce the amount of heat loss from the stored water. This is a dominant feature that makes it energy efficient.

The unit itself is made with less parts than the average boiler. It will take the cold water directly from the main supply. All you have to do is install the unit to the cold water feed tank that is contained within the loft. This too will help to save on storage space. The hot water is heated directly from the cold main supply the minute that you use it. This gives you a hot shower without using a pump. There is no limit to the measure of hot water that can be made.

These units are great to use in apartments and small homes that have a limited amount of space and low or infrequent water consumption. The larger homes will usually prefer to use the standard boiler. It is easier to heat water in more than one bathroom through the use of a cylinder.