Wood And Oil Combi Boiler

There are many different types of combi boilers. One of the most common are the wood and oil units. These multi fuel boilers are believed to be one of the most fuel efficient because they do not produce as much waste and do not have to work as hard. They use only one flue – which makes them easy to install into the home. This is especially true for people who already have a flue built into their home.

Benjamin CC500

This is one of the most popular units from Benjamin. The wood combustion chamber is designed in an oval shape to increase the efficiency and to get rid of the need to use wood or fire brick grates. It is located directly above the oil chamber so that it is easier to maintain and clean out.

The whole unit is designed to make it easy for you to switch out the chamber with something new when it is worn or broken. This will save you from having to purchase a whole unit. It is also built with a cast iron door that has been hand welded and has a tight seal. The firebox is surrounded by a cooling water heat exchange that keeps the whole thing from overheating.

HS Tarm Excel

The HS Tarm Excel is built with two chambers. One chamber is used for wood and the other can be used for either propane or natural gas. The combustion chamber is separate to make the unit safer to use and more fuel efficient. Both chambers will use the same flue when expelling the exhaust gases.

The biggest feature on this unit is that it will switch from wood to oil. If you do not have any wood to add the boiler will not shut off. Instead it will switch to the propane or gas and keep on working.

280 Gemini Plus

The 280 Gemini Plus has the ability to function using gas, oil, wood, or other type of fuels. This particular unit is designed with gas channels that are longer than most. This will allow you to adjust the output. The unit is able to hold large amounts of water and is quieter than the average unit. It is also built with a low Nox combustion chamber that keeps emissions low.